A day without ice cream is a day wasted!

Spice Ice is the leading ice cream bar in Finland that consist of 30 shops across the country. The essence of Spice Ice is a broad selection of high quality pick-and-mix ice creams and toppings to choose. The cornerstone of Spice Ice’s product range is the swift Hurricane, where soft ice cream and individually selected toppings are put together as a delicious serving.


The fundamental idea of the new visual concept was to create delicious, sweet and tasty journey of flavors. The role of the new cup is emphasized both in logo and in communication as a significant part of the visual identity. In addition to the logo, we created colorful signature shape which generates promise of a delightful taste experience.


Marker refreshed the whole brand identity of Spice Ice. The work included concept & art direction of photography, retail visualizations, verbal tone-of-voice and social media marketing campaigns.