Creating and
reviving brands

Marker is a hands-on brand agency.

We create and revive brands through strong conceptual thinking and design that is crafted to the finest detail. Our work is never a reflection of us but rather of your business and targets. In other words, we pride ourselves in not having a recognizable style - we rather have taste and business intellect.

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Onnistunut brändin uudistaminen

Mitä onnistuneeseen brändin uudistamiseen prosessiin kuuluu? Miten se etenee? Keräsimme alle muutamat vinkit.

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The world is not always as black and white one would wish for. That is why we wanted to give you some food for thought.

Digital brand guidelines for Fingrid

Fingrid is the company responsible for the functioning of Finland’s power system.

Marker is the company responsible for the functioning of Fingrids digital brand guideline.